Ineke Smits | CV

Ineke Smits graduated in 1984 as a photographer and video artist from the Rotterdam Art Academy. From 1989 she studied film directing and script writing at the National Film and Television School in England. She completed her Master in 1994, and subsequently collaborated with writer Arthur Japin on a few fiction shorts she directed for Dutch broadcasters VPRO and NTR. In 2001 their first, award winning, feature, Magonia, premiered at Toronto International Film Festival. In 2002/03 she received a Nipkow Fellowship to work in Berlin, and in 2004 she developed the first draft of a feature script, The House of my Fathers, at the Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam. With this project she also participated in EAVE. Her second feature The Aviatrix of Kazbek closed in 2010 the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Between 1998 en 2008 ineke wrote and directed five successful documentaries, amongst them Putin’s Mama and Stand by your President. All were presented at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam and other international festivals.
As a producer she was co-founder and head of development of Volya Films between 2004 and 2009. In 2011 she followed the Story Editing workshop by Franz Rodenkirchen and founded with Jeroen Stout their company Stout&Smits. As a script- and project coach Ineke worked on various international fiction- and documentary projects. She lives and works in The Netherlands and Georgia.


Relevant professional experience

1996 – 2000 Tutor Audio Visual Arts, Arts Academy Arnhem
1996 – 2002 Board Member TBA/ Montevideo
1997 – 2004 Tutor workshops script & documentary, Master Arts Academy, Breda
Master Design Academy Eindhoven.
2002/3 Film Workshop Rotterdam Media Fund
2003- 2008 Advisor Mediafund for Cultural Broadcasters.
2004 Reader European Pitch Point
2004 – 2009 Co-founder and head of development Volya Films BV
2007 – present Advisor Hubert Bals Fund
2007 – 2012 Board Member Binger Filmlab
2008 – 2015 Evaluations expert Mediafund
2010 Workshop Time in Film, Arts Academy, Tilburg
2012- 2016 Permanent member of the Documentary Commission of the Flemish Film Fund
2012 Along the Border – Masterclass for young Dutch and Turkish documentary makers
in Nijmegen and Gaziantep
2012 Chair of the Viewbook Photostory International Competition voor photographers
2014 Masterclass about the filmmakers signature, at IDFA 2015

Guest Lecturer at University of Amsterdam, Arts Academy Utrecht, Film Academy Amsterdam, Missouri University/Center for the Digital Globe, USA, Institute for Film & Theatre Tbilisi, Willem de Kooning Art Academy Rotterdam, American University in Dubai.


In development:

THE OBLIVIOUS, The City Audio Game – 40’/ interactive media walk in public space
The Oblivious, a mysterious secret movement operating in the city has declared war against digital dictatorship. Are we victims of technology, or can we make technology work for our personal freedom? The answer starts with awareness. A specially developed app instigates a soundwalk, media interventions and an audio-visual installation.
Stout&Smits, in cooperation with SeriousFilm, ProArtsDesign and LustLab
Development supported by Dutch Mediafund.

Artist Sipa Labakhua travels through Abkhazia with his marionette show, looking for the national soul of his small, unknown fatherland. A roadmovie that sheds new light on a highly topical question in a world that is on fire: What is a country?
Stout&Smits, in coproduction with IKON/EO, The Filmkitchen and IntiFlim, Belgium. Supported by Mediafund, Film Fund, and Prince Bernard Fund.


Films, projects & scripts

2015 IN LIMBO – 20’ / soundwalk for the art exhibition Gimme Shelter, commissioned by curator Sacha Bronwasser.
Three ghosts from different times meet each other at the overgrown ruins of the Dutch fort Fort Nieuwersluis. One of them is not aware yet, that he has died.
Script&direction: Ineke Smits, Jeroen Stout. Sound design: Mark Glynne. Production: Stout&Smits. soundcloud

2014 STAND BY YOUR PRESIDENT – 92’ / feature documentary
Sandra Roelofs, a Dutch girl from Terneuzen, became the First Lady of exotic but politically instable Georgia. After ten years in office her husband, the now controversial President Michael Saakashvili, cannot be re-elected.
Premiere IDFA 2014, cinema release march 2015, several international Film Festivals. vimeo

2013 EEN HAAGSE AFFAIRE – sound installation for The National Archive, commissioned by curator Nancy Hovingh.
In the late 1700’s Sophia Noortwijck and her mother were sentenced by the Dutch Court for prostitution, forgery and theft. The court case against these ‘nouveau riche’ of the Golden Age culminated in a scandal, that destroyed Sophia’s reputation. A surround soundscape is vented in the exhibition, while Sophia’s private life is featured in 5 separate scenes on headphones.
Script&direction: Jeroen Stout. Music&sound design: Jan-Bas Bollen. Production: Stout&Smits soundcloud

Feature film script, adapted from Jorn Riel’s books with the same title.

2009 THE AVIATRIX OF KAZBEK – 110’ / The Netherlands, Belgium, Georgia
Feature film set against the uprise of Georgian soldiers on the Dutch island of Texel in 1945.
Script Arthur Japin & Ineke Smits vimeo
>Closing Film – International Film Festival Rotterdam, Press Prize Commersant for Best Film – Moscow International FF, Nomination European Film Awards 2010, Film Festivals Sao Paulo, Cottbus, Cluj, Sevilla, Batumi, Chennai, and others<

2008 TRANSIT DUBAI – 72’ & 57’/The Netherlands
Documentary about the rapidly arising city of Dubai, seen through the eyes of four photography students.
>Premiered at IDFA-Amsterdam 2008. Winner of the Audience Award at Gdansk Film Festival 2009, and shown at various international Film Festivals<

2005 BLACK GOLD UNDER NOTECKA FOREST – 58’ / The Netherlands
Documentary about the impoverished inhabitants of a Polish forest, under which the biggest oilfield of Poland has been discovered.
>Premiered at IDFA-Amsterdam 2005, Silver Wolf Competition. Special Mention of the Jury at Zagreb Dox 2006, In competition at various International Film Festivals<

2003 PUTIN’S MAMA – 51’/The Netherlands, Georgia
Documentary about Vera Putina, who lives in a small Georgian village and believes to be the mother of Russian president Vladimir Putin. NPS-National Dutch Television.
>Nomination Silver Wolf Award at IDFA 2003, Winner HotDocs best Dutch documentary in National Programme, Toronto, Nomination for the Golden Statue for best documentary 2004 in the Netherlands, Special Mention of the Jury, Zagreb Dox.
In competition in Docaviv, Thessaloniki Docfest, Chicago, Belgrade Docfest, USA (various), Riga FF, Tbilisi FF, Sfantu Gheorghu FF, Warsawa FF, and many others<

2001 MAGONIA – 112’/The Netherlands, France, Georgia
Feature film about a father who tells stories to his son, shot in Georgia, the Netherlands and France.
Script Arthur Japin & Ineke Smits vimeo
>Winner of the Circulo Precolombino de Oro for Best Film, Colombia, Winner of the Golden Tulip in Istanbul IFF 2002, Turkey, Special Mention of the Jury at Festroia 2002, Portugal
In Competition San Sebastian FF 2001, Mannheim FF 2001, Tbilisi IFF 2001, FIFF Creteil 2002, Bonn Filmmusik Biennale 2002, Brussels Age d’Or 2002, Leeds IFF 2002, Riga IFF 2002, MedFilm Rome 2002, Official Selection Toronto FF 2001, Goteborg FF 2002, Santa Fe FF 2001, Rotterdam IFF 2002, Chicago 2002, Mar del Plata FF, Singapore IFF, Petersburg FF 2002, Karlovy Vary IFF 2002, Madrid IFF 2002, Djakarta FF 2002, Bergen FF<

1999 NOSTALGIA – 56’/Georgia-The Netherlands, Georgia
Documentary about the effects of civil war in Georgia on a group of friends.
Directed by Tato Kotetishvili & Ineke Smits vimeo
>Premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam 1999, The Netherlands
Official Competition Leipzig Film Festival 1999, Germany, Winner of the Grand Prize at the International Documentary Festival 2000, Taiwan<

1996 THE CLOUD FACTORY – 25’/The Netherlands
Short fiction for NOS National Television
Script by Arthur Japin vimeo

1996 A WHORE’S SERMON – 45’/The Netherlands
Short fiction for VPRO National Television
Script by Arthur Japin

1994 SIRKO – 38’/The Netherlands-England
Short fiction, graduation film NFTS

1992 ROSE, VIOLET & LILY – 22′ /The Netherlands, Georgia
Short fiction.
Supported by Hubert Bals Fund. Written & directed by Ineke Smits & Tato Kotetishvili
>Opening film at the Rotterdam Filmfestival 1992<

1989 MONAS PLEN – 50′ /The Netherlands
Short fiction insopired on a short story by Italo Calvino.
Written & directed by Ineke Smits
>Rotterdam Filmfestival, and several other international festivals<