Jeroen Stout | CV

Jeroen Stout graduated in 1993 from the University of Amsterdam in Political Science. After university he started his career as a journalist and a film critic for Dutch national broadcaster NTR at Radio 1. Simultaniously he realized several radio documentaries for NTR and VPRO. In 1995 he was trained as an editor and sound engineer at Salto. At the Media Academy he studied text interpretation and script writing for television documentaries, followed by a course in theatre directing at Kunstweb. In 2011 Jeroen participated at the Binger Filmlab in the course ‘Story editing’ by Franz Rodenkirchen. In recent years Jeroen has specialized in radio documentaries and audiodrama resulting, amongst others, in Lee de Forest – Spirit of the Pioneer, which won the Prix d’Italia in 2006. As initiator, director and main writer, he headed the writer’s team of Paul Jan Nelissen, Henk Apotheker, Rene Appel and Gerben Hellinga, for the succesfull Radio 1 serial Sledgehammer. A second serial, The Spider, followed in 2014. Commissioned by IFFR 2012 he wrote and directed the Hive, an audio tour in the Rotterdam district “Kop van Zuid”. Jeroen works as a journalist at the Radio 1 Cultural Magazine Kunststof. For the filmmagazine “Filmkrant” he writes reviews and interviews. And in cooperation with Ineke Smits he has written, directed and produced several audio/multi-media projects.


Relevant professional experience

1993 – 1997 ONLM; reporting, editing- and broadcasting technique, chief editor of several radio shows for a local Amsterdam radio station.

 VPRO; two radio documentaries about Sarajevo for the national radio
show De Avonden.
1997 – 2001 NTR; reporting, editorial work and broadcasting technique for several national radio shows at Radio 5.
2001 – present NTR; reporting, directing, editorial work and film criticism for Radio 1’s art show Kunststof
2006 – presentFilmkrant; interviews, reviews and hosting/moderating podcasts
2007 – 2008 
 NPS Cultura; film criticism on television.

2010 Het Gesprek; film criticism for De Recensenten
2010 – 2012 Cultural Press Agency: moderating talkshows on ao International Film Festival Rotterdam, Springdance and Holland Festival. 
2016 – present Sound recordist for film.

In 2010 Jeroen conducted a script writing workshop at Willem de Kooning Art Academy, and in 2015 a workshop Radio Drama at the University of Amsterdam. He regularly coaches young reporters and documentary makers, and is specialized in editing dialogues.


In development:

THE OBLIVIOUS, The City Audio Game – 40’/ interactive media walk in public space.

The Oblivious, a mysterious secret movement operating in the city has declared war against digital dictatorship. Are we victims of technology, or can we make technology work for our personal freedom? The answer starts with awareness. A specially developed app instigates a soundwalk, media interventions and an audio-visual installation.

Stout&Smits, in cooperation with SeriousFilm, ProArtsDesign and LustLab
Development supported by Dutch Mediafund.


Audio productions:

2017 EEN BETERE STAD – Audio installation for an exhibition, commissioned by curator Linda Vlassenrood.

The development and decline of the architectural expansion plan for Amsterdam between 1935 and 2006 is brought to life in 3 sound installations, featuring the architects, residents and other involved people and institutions.
Script&direction: Jeroen Stout. Music and sound design: Jan-Bas Bollen. Production: Stout&Smits. soundcloud

2016 DE BAARMOEDER – 30’ / radio play for NRT Radio.

A television team, an escaped criminal and a researcher are locked in a cave by accident. Contact with the outside world is impossible. While waiting for help, the tension is rising.

Script: Jamal Ouariachi. Direction: Jeroen Stout. Music: Hans Jansen. Sound design: Mark Glynne, Selle Sellinck. Production: Stout&Smits. soundcloud

2015 IN LIMBO – 20’ / soundwalk for the art exhibition Gimme Shelter, commissioned by curator Sacha Bronwasser.
Three ghosts from different times meet each other at the overgrown ruins of the Dutch fort Fort Nieuwersluis. One of them is not aware yet, that he has died. 

Script&direction: Ineke Smits, Jeroen Stout. Sound design: Mark Glynne. Production: Stout&Smits. soundcloud  

2015 VROUW ZONDER SCHADUW – 30’ / radio play for NRT Radio

When Tara is involved in an accident the medics find a gun in her purse. In surgery Tara is being chased by ghosts from her childhood; she will have to deal with her Iranian family.

Script: Kaweh Modiri. Direction: Jeroen Stout. Music: Jan-Bas Bollen. Sound design: Mark Glynne. Production: Stout&Smits. soundcloud
>Nominated Prix Europa 2016<

2013  EEN HAAGSE AFFAIRE – sound installation for The National Archive, commissioned by curator Nancy Hovingh.

In the late 1700’s Sophia Noortwijck and her mother were sentenced by the Dutch Court for prostitution, forgery and theft. The court case against these ‘nouveau riche’ of the Golden Age culminated in a scandal, that destroyed Sophia’s reputation. A surround soundscape is vented in the exhibition, while Sophia’s private life is featured in 5 separate scenes on headphones.

Script&direction: Jeroen Stout. Music&sound design: Jan-Bas Bollen. Production: Stout&Smits. soundcloud

2013 DE SPIN – 70 x 14’ / radio serial for NTR Radio 1

70 episode drama serial based on the IRT affaire. In an attempt to put the top of Dutch criminals behind bars, police detective Wytze Hofstra becomes the victim of his own ambition.

Concept, main writer & direction Jeroen Stout. Writer’s team: Paul Jan Nelissen, Henk Apotheker & Stan Lapinski.
 Production: Palantino Producties. soundcloud
>Nomination Prix Europa 2013<

2012 THE HIVE – 40’ / sound walk / commissioned by International Film Festival Rotterdam
Korean filmstar Choi Jin Sil is driven to suicide by ‘internet trolls’. 
Script&direction: Jeroen Stout. Music&sound design: Jan-Bas Bollen. Production: Sound Track City. soundcloud
>Premiere: IFFR 2012<

2009/10 DE MOKER – 70 x 15′ / radio serial / NTR Radio 1

70 episode drama serial about the increasing hardening of criminality in Amsterdam’s red light district in the 70’s. 
Concept, main writer & direction Jeroen Stout. Writer’s team: Paul Jan Nelissen, Henk Apotheker, Rene Appel & Gerben Hellinga.
 Palantino Producties.
>Nomination Prix Europa 2010<

radio documentary / NTR radio 1
Dutch emigrant Frits Funke moved to New Zealand in the 50’s. For years he kept in touch with his father in Holland by spoken letters on audio cassettes.
Script & direction.

>Dutch entry for Prix Italia 2008<

2006/8 BOMMEL – 440 x 15′ /radio serial for NTR Radio 1
Long-running radio serial based on the comic books by Marten Toonder. 
Adaptation & main directing: Peter te Nuyl, co-directing: Jeroen Stout and others.
>Dutch entry for Prix Europa 2008<

 radio play / NTR Radio 1
Radio drama about radiopioneer and inventor Lee de Forest. 
Script & direction: Jeroen Stout.

>Winner Prix Italia 2006<

‘97-2001 TUSSEN DE REGELS (40’), CIRCUS ROYALE (55’), G-SLEUTEL (55’), BET VAN BEEREN (55′) Several radio documentaries for NTR radio 1.

Script & direction: Jeroen Stout.